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It is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of new products from popular providers and find among them the most worthy online casino games. Major game studios release on average one new slot per month. However, major providers such as Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO or YGGDRASIL release several new releases every month. In the gambling news section, you can find out everything about the best slots with mega big wins and the latest news from popular providers. In each review, we provide a final verdict that will help you decide where to play for real money. Besides, you almost always have the opportunity to play video slots for free.

Jungle Stripes Slot Review | Betsoft

We present to your attention a review of the Jungle Stripes slot from the BetSoft provider. The game will take you to the wild jungle, where you will find their striped inhabitants ...

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Review | Nolimit City

Infectious 5 xWays is a new video slot from the popular producer Nolimit City, dedicated to the superhero theme. The game will appeal primarily to fans of the DC and Marvel universes ...

WBC Ring of Riches Slot Review | Bgaming

The BGaming provider, known to almost all casino players, recently introduced an excellent novelty called WBC Ring of Riches. This slot machine is dedicated to sports ...


We present to your attention a review of the Mr Macau slot, developed by the Betsoft provider, known to almost all players. This slot will give you a lot of emotions ...

Return To The Feature Slot Review | Habanero

In April 2021, the famous game studio Habanero presented its new product called Return To The Feature. This time the game is created in a futuristic style that resembles the legendary trilogy of the film of the same name ...

Hot Fiesta Slot Review | Pragmatic Play

Hot Fiesta is one of the latest releases from the Pragmatic Play studio, which is dedicated to one of the traditional national holidays in Latin America. You will immerse yourself in a cheerful atmosphere ...

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Slot Review | BGaming

In February 2021, the famous slot development studio BGaming presented a new release called Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. This is a game about the Middle Ages. In the center of the plot is the magical kingdom of England ...

Wild Gambler Slot Review | Playtech

We have long wanted to introduce you to the legendary video slot from the provider Playtech, which inspired us to create a website and brought us not only many hours of fun, but also real winnings ...

THE SWORD & THE MAGIC Slot Review | Fugaso

The Sword and The Magic is a video slot by Fugaso and is dedicated to the English Middle Ages. The game is attractive both externally, due to high-quality animation and vivid effects, and by its 96.5% return ...

HippoPop Slot Review | Avatar UX

Game studio Avatar UX decided to release another masterpiece with the PopWins mechanics, which players liked so much. This slot is called HippoPop and it will be distributed on the Yggdrasil platform ...

Rise Of Horus Slot Review | Evoplay

We present to your attention another Egyptian-themed slot from Evoplay called Rise of Horus, in which you will find everything you need for an exciting and interesting adventure ...

Legendary Sumo Slot Review | Endorphina

Sumo wrestling is a very interesting but rarely seen topic in slot machines. Provider Endorphina decided to correct this trend by releasing a great slot called Legendary Sumo ...

Reviews of the best new online slots from wildgamblers

If you find out the opinion of several online casino players at once about their favorite slots, then you will receive completely different answers. And this is natural, because all people have completely different preferences. Some are casual gamblers who play for fun and have no idea about the technical aspects of online casino games. Other players are more experienced and prefer technical characteristics such as volatility, hit rate, potential and return to player. However, among our reviews you will find games that will appeal to both beginners and experienced players, because we take into account not only the visual components, but also the technical characteristics of the most interesting new games. Thus, each of our video slots review has its own final verdict, and a selection of reviews is made selectively with the expectation of maximum audience coverage.

When testing new slots, we pay attention to many factors, not just how a video slot looks like. Of course, we pay a lot of attention to the design, but the frequency of coincidences in the line, potential, frequency of bonuses, playability, return to the player and the atmosphere of the games are also important - all this is collected in the final verdict. Our casino experts love to play online video slots and are loyal fans of gambling. The editorial staff of plays in online casinos almost daily not only for entertainment, but also in order to prepare for you the most relevant reviews of video slots and the latest novelties from popular licensed providers. Our experts have many years of experience and are well aware of what online casino players would like to see in the slot. We evaluate games in many ways, and if they do not meet the expectations of a certain level of quality, then our opinion will be honest and objective.

We strive to write honest, objective and fact-based reviews of the best video slots and the latest buzz from popular providers. Having extensive experience in gambling, we want to help less experienced players learn how to evaluate the characteristics of slots, increase their chances of mega big wins, and warn against losing their money as a result of the wrong choice of slots or casino games. We also want not only to convey our gaming experience, but also to find out opinions about certain games from other players.

Play free slots before depositing

If you don't have a lot of experience playing in online casinos, you are not sure which game to choose, you are afraid to play for real money, you don’t know the bonus rules, but you still want to make your first deposit - in this case, we recommend starting the game in free demo games. Demo slots allow you to play as much as you want without losing real money and commissions. You can explore the slots, see their bonus rounds, features and generally understand whether you like this or that provider. In addition, there is no difference between playing a free online casino in demo mode and playing for real money. The bottom line is that you place bets in demo games not for real money, but get a trial virtual balance

Many of those who have never played in online casinos consider gambling a bad habit. For others, however, it is a pleasant pastime, rest and relaxation. If the player learns to feel the game, begins to understand its vibrations, is able to focus on the gameplay, then it is quite possible that you can approach a mega big winnings or predict the result. Experience doesn't come straight away. You should not immediately play for real money if the game raises doubts. You can always get acquainted with the gameplay in free mode. You have a great opportunity to study the rules and get a feel for the potential of the slot before realizing if you are ready to move on to real play and real money betting.

We are happy to share our experience and teach you how to choose the right games and evaluate the latest novelties from popular providers by all criteria. Here you can find the best slot machines with high potential, megaways slots, progressive jackpot slots and other online casino games that you can play both for fun and in the hope of getting mega big winnings.

What are the best online casino slots for real money

If you have already tried free demo slots and are ready to start playing for real money by making real bets, then you are definitely wondering what are the best online casino games for real money?The fact that the likelihood of a big win on a slot machine attracts more players was noticed at the beginning of the 20th century by marketers at Mills, one of the first casino slots manufacturers. Then, other creators of gambling machines began to try to incorporate this feature into the mechanisms of their games.

Initially, these were fixed jackpots, which can still be found most often today. In other words, it is the sum of the maximum winnings in a particular slot machine. The progressive jackpot has an even more attractive feature.

Online Slots with Progressive Jackpot

What is a progressive jackpot? By definition, a progressive jackpot is the amount of the top prize in a gambling game that is accumulated through several common gambling sources (lottery tickets, bets on a certain type of game) and which does not have a fixed cap. But, if we are considering the progressive jackpot of a slot machine, then it is necessary to understand that we are talking about a certain or several slots and the players who spend time on it and place bets participate in the formation of the main prize.

Earlier, a rather small number of identical slots in one land-based casino participated in the accumulation of such a jackpot, then their number increased to an offline casino network, and with the advent of the Internet, the borders expanded to international proportions, and the amount of the progressive jackpot in some games began to reach fantastic sizes. For example, the winnings of more than $ 17 million on the Mega Moolah slot machine from Microgaming or NetEnt's Mega Fortune.

How is the progressive jackpot accumulated?

Winnings, the amount of which grows on slots in progression, is formed by deducting a certain fixed percentage from each player's bet. Let's say the game is played for $ 1 per spin and with each spin a couple of cents are added to the total prize pool. Because of this, the RTP of almost all progressive jackpot slots is slightly less than the standard acceptable values. The most favorable and recommended percentage of return for the game is around 96%. And in games with a jackpot accumulation, it is closer to 90%. So those players who prefer to spend time at slot machines with high returns should take this into account.

How to win the progressive jackpot?

Every online casino player has a question about the possibility of winning a big jackpot from a slot machine. And, no matter how upset it is, the chances of a successful outcome are very small. Approximately how to win big in the lottery and, nevertheless, the lucky ones who became millionaires in one spin are announced regularly. But there are no certain strategies and systems that guarantee the winning of the progressive jackpot. Know this and, if someone is trying to convince you otherwise, then this person is either a fraudster trying to get some amount of money from you, or he is poorly versed in the algorithms of modern slot machines.

But the game of slots is much more exciting than the lottery, since the process is accompanied by continuous drops of various combinations, free spins, bonus games and other prize elements. it is higher, so the growth of the main prize is faster. The only thing that can help increase the chances of winning, according to some casino streamers, professional players and the gambling industry themselves, is the size of the bet. The rules of some progressive jackpot slots even state that if the spin fee is below a certain number, then such a bet does not participate in the drawing of the main jackpot and only provides some probability of winning the smaller ones, if any.

Megaways slot machines

If you like slot machines with fixed paylines and traditional platforms with 3 or 5 reels, then Megaways slots are not for you. However, if you like the thought of extra reels and breaking slot rules, then Megaways slots will be a breath of fresh air for you. The Megaways slots setup allows you to create so many different combinations that serious wins are possible on every spin. The number of possible combinations of symbols reaches over 200,000 per spin. In addition, these machines are equipped with special features and bonus games.

Slots from the Megaways series are known for having a high RTP. The lowest return rate for devices with this mechanic is 95.00%. There is no cumulative jackpot in slot machines with Megaways mechanics. Therefore, users are deprived of the chance to win a progressive prize. The real popularity of the Megaways mechanics was brought by the Bonanza slot, which captured the attention of users from all over the world. It still remains in demand, despite the release of several dozen devices with a similar device. The gameplay is dynamic and constantly changing. The slot is often equipped with one or two additional horizontal reels with 4 symbols.

Advantages of megaways slots at online casinos for real money

The undoubted advantage of Megaways slot machines in the casino is their variety. Many of them have additional bonus features, special games and respins after winning. The more potential symbols there are on the playing field, the easier it is for developers to add something that will extend the game time without spending extra money.

Another advantage is the potential high wins. Many slot machines entice players with the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of euros. Of course, the biggest wins are rare, but for many players, chasing the rabbit is more important than catching it. In practice, however, a large number of potential options rarely lead to real gains. You will almost never be able to uncover all the winning opportunities. You are unlikely to get seven symbols side by side on the same line - most of your winnings will be three or four symbols anyway.

Online Slots with Bonus Buying Feature

Most often, to start bonus rounds, you have to place bets for quite a long time. However, both in online slots with the Megaways mechanic and in many others, the function of buying bonus rounds is provided. The player pays for the activation of the bonus from his main balance, which is very convenient. Usually the price varies from x50 to x200 from the bet. Immediately after writing off the main balance, an additional round starts. Almost every manufacturer has such slots, including Playson, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming and others.

Paid activation of bonus rounds saves time, and also gives you the opportunity to receive additional free spins and multipliers. The bonus purchase function has two main advantages. Firstly, you do not have to wait long for the required combination to activate the bonus game. You can also activate this function at any time convenient for you. Secondly, after purchasing bonus rounds, you have a significant chance of catching a mega big win. Do not forget about the other side of the coin. You are at great risk. Even in the bonus mode, it is not always possible to win, and its launch is not cheap. Therefore, after a few bets, the bank may simply end. It is extremely important to calculate everything in advance, allocate a decent budget and not get too carried away.

How to choose the best online casino slots and win mega big winnings

There are several options to choose the perfect game for you. However, the best option is to define the purpose of the game - what exactly you want to get. Win a mega big win, have fun, try something different or take big risks? If you can determine the purpose for which you want to start playing for real money in an online casino, then you can easily choose games for yourself by reading our slot reviews and technical characteristics of slots. Next, we describe the most important criteria that we consider the most important when evaluating slots. After examining each point, you will learn to understand the technical characteristics of the slots and be able to find the perfect game for yourself.

In order to approximate the probability of a mega big win, you need to understand the technical characteristics of the slots. Of course, you don't have to bother, but right now choose any online casino, choose one of the games and start making real bets. However, if you learn a little more about some of the interesting facts about online casino slots that we have prepared for you, your chances of winning will undoubtedly increase. If you are a beginner and have little experience with online casinos, or you want to discover something new, we recommend reading our small guide and finding out the strengths and weaknesses of gambling novelties from the most popular providers.

The more online casino games from leading providers appear on the market, the more difficult it becomes for gamblers to choose the best ones for their bets and navigate gambling. Many online casino games look very similar. Providers often steal identical ideas from each other and it is rather difficult to say which of the video slots on the same topic is the best. If you do not have many years of experience playing in an online casino, then we will teach you to pay attention to the mechanics and features of a slot machine. In order to make it easier for you to understand what to look for when choosing online casino slots, we have created our own method of choosing games, after which your level and experience should increase significantly. Before making your first bet, ask yourself what exactly do you want to get from the game today?

Do you want to win mega big win?

When it comes to mega big wins, not all online casino games can offer you this. The secret lies in three letters - RTP. This abbreviation means a return of funds to the player or a potential amount of money that can return to you in the long term while playing in a particular slot.

As an example, consider the RTP rate of 99% - in a long-term game, it will return you at least 99% of all your bets. In case, if you play on a slot with an RTP of 95%, then in the long run it will keep 5% of your money. The return to player rate does not mean that you will not be able to win on a short streak. However, it will be very helpful for you to know how to place your bets and when to stop.

As a result, in order to increase the chances of a mega big win and bring yourself closer to the maximum jackpot, you need to choose video slots with the highest RTP percentage. All technical information about slots is clearly indicated in the terms and conditions of the online casino or in the information of the game itself. However, do not forget that when playing with bonus funds, the slots with the highest potential may not be available.

Do you want to play online casino games just for fun?

When you just get bored, then there is the option to make a couple of bets in order to just have fun. In this case, we recommend choosing such slots or games in which you can place small minimum bets. You will be sure that you will not lose a lot of money and will be able to enjoy the process of the game for a longer time. The likelihood of catching bonus rounds or seeing the features of the slot also increases in the long term. Even if something distracts you from the gameplay, you can easily turn on the auto spin mode, and it is quite likely that you will be surprised by the increase in balance in your absence.

In addition, you can enjoy not only games with very small stakes, but also slots with beautiful designs from providers such as Netent, Wazdan, Pragmatic play or Microgaming. However, it is worth remembering that the slots you play for fun may be different from the ones in which you expect to make big money. It is not possible to hit the maximum jackpot with a minimum stake of $ 0.01.

Do you want to play the latest or new slot games?

For experienced gamblers, there always comes a point when gambling becomes boring or no longer fun and the game is simply viewed as a source of income. When that period comes, we always recommend just finding a new game to enjoy. New releases from popular providers are becoming more and more high-quality and are able to bring online casino players a sense of novelty again. Also, a huge plus is that new releases of slots, megaways and live games are constantly updated. Trying something new is no longer a problem today. In our list of reviews for new slots, you can always find games to your liking. Our list is regularly updated and you can always keep track of the latest news in the gambling industry.

Do you want to make high bets and take big risks?

If you like to place big bets and take big risks, then you are a high roller. Such gamblers are almost always in the mood to take more risks, immediately bet a large amount of money, justifying their risk with a big win. In such cases, the high risk is warranted. You can either lose a lot or win a lot at once! The thrill of excitement can always tickle your nerves. In such cases, you need to select those games that have a high maximum bet and a large multiplier. As a rule, Play'nGO and Microgaming providers have the most slots for high rollers.

If we consider not only video slots, then the maximum bet can reach up to $ 25,000 per round on roulette, table or live games. Such a significant amount is more than enough to feel the thrill and become a millionaire again. However, there are only a few such risky people, and not everyone is ready to put such a sum of money on the line, relying only on luck.

Best online casino software providers with licensed games

Today in the gambling market there are many companies that develop, produce and license games for online casinos. A large number of providers are widely known, but recently a large number of young game studios have appeared, which have only a few games in their portfolio. Nevertheless, their games can be of very high quality and can easily compete with products from well-known large manufacturers.

A new trend of cooperation between large online casino software providers and young game studios has emerged. Well-known brands often distribute games from indie studios on their platforms, thus increasing their audience reach. An example is the Chicago Gold slot from the PearFiction studio on the Microgaming platform, or a series of games with the PopVins mechanic, which is very popular among players, from the AvatarUX studio on the YGGDRASIL platform.

Many players are completely uninterested in the question of who created the game. However, there are others who prefer certain providers or are always looking for games made by specific studios.In our opinion, these providers will be able to attract your attention:

Pragmatic Play







Nolimit City

Of course, this is just a small selection of online casino game providers and you can find even more interesting games if you follow the updates of our slot reviews. We always try various new video slots and casino games in order to form our competent opinion and publish it for everyone to see.

Stay tuned for the latest gambling news and reviews of the best video slots from Wildgamblers

We are glad that you would like to become a part of our gambling community of online casino players and believe that every player can find the perfect game for themselves among the presented reviews of the best video slots from popular providers, as well as learn to understand the technical characteristics of games. If for some reason you have not yet found what you were looking for - look at our old slot reviews, some of the upcoming videoslots releases described by us earlier are already available in many online casinos. In the Wild Gambler casinos collection you will always find licensed software from the most popular providers and a large number of slots with progressive jackpots and megaways mechanics. If you are not ready to take risks and play for real money right away, then try the free demo games, in which you can feel the potential of the slot and get a general idea of the game for free. Among other things, you can always check out our bonus blog for the latest bonus codes and free spins for new players. Our experts have been working in the field of gambling for many years and have an excellent idea of what they are talking about. If you find your own slot, then Mrs. Fortune works wonders and brings mega big wins, and real money just hops into your pocket. We hope we can help you with your search.

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