Best Bitcoin Casinos | How to start playing bitcoin casinos using CoinsPaid

Choosing the best Bitcoin casino can be difficult, especially for newbies. If you are looking for the best bitcoin or crypto casinos but don't know where to start, then here you can read our Guide for Crypto Players as well as tips on how to get started playing bitcoin casinos with CoinsPaid. Our online casino experts will help you with the selection of the best bonuses and brands that provide the opportunity to bet in cryptocurrency. We also simplified the task and to receive bonuses or create crypto wallets you do not need to do a thousand actions, you just need to follow the links on the Wildgamblers website.

Bitcoin casino

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100% UP TO 0.1 BTC

True Flip Casino

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Welckome pack 150% up to 1 BTC and 50 free spins

Bitstarz casino

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Yoju casino

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Welcome package up to 3 BTC and 340 free spins

Betchain casino

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100% up to 1 BTC and 200 free spins

CoinsPaid - The fastest and easiest way to start playing bitcoin online casinos

The fastest and easiest way to start playing bitcoin online casinos is to create a Coinspaid wallet. You don't have to register with 10 different exchangers for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Coinspaid wallet already has built-in Bitcoin Purchase. Moreover, it is enough just to replenish the account from a bank card. In addition, this payment system is integrated into a huge number of SoftSwiss online casinos operated by Dama NV. Thanks to this, you can easily play at the best bitcoin online casinos.

There is no need to delve into the jungle of cryptocurrency knowledge. Just go to the CoinsPaid website, start a crypto wallet, replenish it from your card, convert to any cryptocurrency, choose your favorite bitcoin casino from our list of the best crypto casinos - and win! If you are still a skeptic by nature, then our online casino experts have prepared for you a lot of useful information and a whole step-by-step guide about playing in a bitcoin casino.

Coinspaid crypto wallet

What is CoinsPaid? Review of the best online wallet for cryptocurrency holders

The advent of cryptocurrencies as a payment method for casinos has greatly increased its popularity among gamblers. Thanks to digital currencies, you can deposit funds into your account and withdraw winnings quickly and without large commissions, and at the same time do it very quickly. Another advantage of cryptocurrencies is ease of use - even someone who has never used cryptocurrencies before can handle them.

For the convenience of using cryptocurrencies, a special online wallet was created that allows you to store all currencies in one place, and at the same time quickly and easily perform any financial transactions. This wallet is called CoinsPaid. It supports many cryptocurrencies, including of course Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Due to the fact that all currencies are stored in one wallet, you can very quickly convert funds between accounts. For example, if you need to make a payment in Bitcoin, but you only have funds on your Litecoin account, then you can exchange funds in a few clicks! Agree, it's very convenient!

In addition to cryptocurrencies, with the help of CoinsPaid, you can also make fiat transactions, that is, in real currencies, for example, in American dollars (USD). But there is a significant drawback in the use of such currencies - the government at any time can limit the amount of money issued, which is impossible when using the Blockchain technology, on which the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are based. Blockchain is decentralized, which means there is no regulatory body that can independently regulate the release and circulating volumes of currency.

If we talk specifically about the use of cryptocurrencies for making deposits and withdrawing funds in online casinos, then CoinsPaid will be an excellent choice here. The fact is that this system acts as a reliable payment gateway that can combine your cryptocurrency wallet with a casino wallet. Thanks to this, you can replenish your balance on the gambling site in a few minutes and start winning! Moreover, you can also exchange your fiat money, for example dollars, directly for cryptocurrency, which will be credited to your casino account. That is, you simply make a deposit with fiat funds, without wasting time looking for a worthy exchange office and so on. Of course, the reverse technology will also work here: when playing for dollars, you can request a withdrawal of funds in bitcoins, after which the equivalent amount will be credited to your CoinsPaid wallet.

CoinsPaid Benefits

Support for multiple currencies Support for over 30 cryptocurrencies and over 20 fiat currencies.
Best crypto wallet for everyone The exchange of funds is carried out as quickly as possible and at a favorable rate.
Bank card support You can buy cryptocurrencies using funds from your bank card.

What currencies does CoinsPaid support?

One of the reasons for the popularity of this service is the support for a large number of currencies, not only fiat currencies, but, of course, cryptocurrencies. Currently, you can create a wallet and store funds in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum ERC20, Ripple, Neo, Monero, Tether, Cardano.

Some time ago, CoinsPaid partnered with Changelly, allowing clients to access over 140 different cryptocurrencies. You can also store them in your account, make any transactions with them, including exchanges. The casino owners also have an advantage: now the casino can create its own token, which will be used by clients for the game, and all financial transactions, be it a withdrawal or a deposit, will be carried out as soon as possible at a favorable rate.

CoinsPaid casinos

Currently, the vast majority of popular online casinos support this system. This guarantees players quick payouts, a favorable rate and reliability, which is the most important thing. In addition, players will appreciate the ease of use of the wallet, because, as we said earlier, anyone can get used to the wallet, even if he has never dealt with cryptocurrencies before.

A distinctive feature of the service is that all payments are sent directly to the recipient's wallet, bypassing various exchange offices and mix wallets. This has a positive effect not only on the speed of operations, but also on commissions, which are minimal in CoinsPaid. Using CoinsPaid allows casino customers to receive even more generous bonuses. The fact is that if you fund your account from a regular cryptocurrency wallet, then you will have to pay fairly large commissions associated with the blockchain feature. At the same time, using the CoinsPaid service will allow you to avoid high spending on commissions, because the funds are sent directly to the recipient. This frees the hands of casinos, which also stop spending a significant portion of their profits to cover commissions, and therefore can give their players more generous gifts, such as deposit bonuses.

Why play at CoinsPaid Casino?

If you have never used cryptocurrencies to play in a casino before, then this is a completely logical and understandable question from your side. The answer to it is that cryptocurrencies allow you to replenish your account as quickly as possible and get a win. The system is reliable in itself, since every token is based on a blockchain, so your money simply cannot be stolen or lost. Optionally, you can track any transactions between any wallets. The high speed and reliability of cryptocurrencies is what players give up their usual dollars and euros for when playing in a casino.

What is a cryptocurrency casino?

Not all establishments now accept cryptocurrencies for the game. For example, some of them allow you to make a deposit from bitcoin, but you will receive the usual fiat currency, for example, dollars, into the account. When withdrawing, dollars will be debited from the account, and bitcoins will be credited to the wallet again at the institution's internal rate. It should be canceled that it is far from always beneficial for the player.

At the same time, decent crypto casinos allow their customers to deposit funds in a crypto, and then immediately use it to play. That is, you will make bets in bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency you choose), after which you can withdraw all winnings to your wallet. Agree, it is much easier and more convenient, and, most importantly, more profitable, because you will not lose money when converting funds.

Another advantage of cryptocurrencies over fiat is anonymity. No fiat currency will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals completely anonymously at a licensed casino. The fact is that the institution must make sure of the legality of the origin of fiat funds, since it reports to the regulatory authorities for them. If you want to remain anonymous, then just use any available cryptocurrencies.

What are the best cryptocurrencies to play in online casinos?

The gambling industry is developing by leaps and bounds, so it is always important to be in trend. Of course, the world of cryptocurrencies is changing along with the casino - existing technologies are being finalized, new currencies and systems are emerging, the process of processing payments is accelerating, and so on. For the game to be fun, it must be simple and fast, so we recommend that you use the currencies described below. All of them can be exchanged at CoinsPaid, and you can buy them for your usual fiat currencies.

The most popular cryptocurrency with the largest capitalization. One of the main features of this digital currency (in terms of casinos) is support by almost all establishments that classify themselves as cryptocurrency casinos. This decentralized cryptocurrency has its own security mechanisms, which makes it one of the most reliable for any financial transactions, including casino deposits and withdrawals. Many establishments support not only Bitcoin deposits, but also playing the most popular cryptocurrency! That is, you can play any slots, bet in bitcoins, and also enjoy table games, be it blackjack, baccarat, roulette and so on.

The second largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization after bitcoin. It is quite a worthy alternative to the main coin, since all the conditions for the stable operation of the network are met here. Of course, the developers also did a good job on security - Ethereum is one of the safest cryptocurrencies with multi-level security systems. A distinctive feature of the Ethereum blockchain is the ability to create your own tokens, which are used in many online casinos. Due to the constant work being done on Ethereum, its popularity and cost is constantly growing, which is good news.

An excellent cryptocurrency, positioning itself as a worthy replacement for Bitcoin and Ethereum. During the development, the minimum commissions were laid down to confirm all transactions, thanks to which an ordinary player in a casino will receive almost the same amount of funds into his account as was debited from the account. If we talk about the previous two cryptocurrencies, then there will be more commissions, albeit insignificantly. Litecoin is used all over the world for fast and cheap transactions.

Bitcoin Cash
This currency is an updated analogue of Bitcoin. A few years ago, the blockchain of the most popular cryptocurrency received an update, which allowed the holders of this currency to receive a completely new token on their account on a different blockchain. The fees for transactions have been significantly reduced, as well as the speed of their processing. If you are a casino player, we advise you to pay attention to Bitcoin Cash, as this currency has a high level of security, high transaction speed, and low fees.

Initially, this currency was more of a joke and a parody, but over time it has become one of the most popular variations of “digital gold”. Its main advantages are reliability and low cost, which allows you to save a significant percentage on commissions. Of course, this currency is constantly being worked on to improve the blockchain and all related technologies, so we can say with a certain degree of confidence that in the future the price of one coin will be much higher. In any case, Dogecoin is an excellent choice for both online casino transactions and a regular payment method.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

On our site you will find a list of the best cryptocurrency casinos. All the institutions presented not only have all the necessary documents and licenses to carry out gambling activities on the worldwide network, but also provide players with access to thousands of gambling entertainment from leading providers, and also allow them to quickly withdraw funds. We believe that playing for cryptocurrencies should not have any restrictions, therefore, the rating does not take into account bonus offers, which, in fact, impose certain wagering requirements on the player.

How to choose best bitcoin casinos?

The cryptocurrency is anonymous, it has fast transactions and very low fees. Also Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are tax-free. Bitcoin casinos are trending today and are a great alternative to regular casino sites.

If you are faced with the question of which bitcoin casino you should choose, then we will help you with that! On our site you can find not only detailed reviews of the best bitcoin online casinos in Canada, Austria, Europe, but also reviews of real players.

If you find it difficult to choose a casino operator, then just follow our guide, in which we describe in detail the most important criteria by which this or that bitcoin casino is the best. To choose the best Bitcoin casino, pay attention and compare the following most important details:

Customer Satisfaction - The easiest and fastest way to choose the best Bitcoin casino is to hear from real players. How satisfied are the players with this or that casino? To make it easy for you to assess the reputation of the casino operators handpicked by our experts, you can find real player reviews, which are posted on the review page. We have also developed a reward system. The more rewards a brand has, the better service awaits you.

Casino reliability - this parameter is achieved by the long existence of bitcoin casinos on the market, as well as by the honesty of the administration. All bitcoin casinos on our site do not use deliberately non-winning algorithms, but have RTP rates that are regulated by trustworthy licenses. We advise you to play only at those bitcoin casinos that have a fair chance of winning and do not use third-party pirated software. All bitcoin casinos that we recommend are licensed and honest with the players.

User Experience - Different Bitcoin casinos have different games and offerings that need to be constantly updated. Instead of purposefully looking for the highest deposit bonuses, you should pay attention and form a general impression of the casino operator. If a brand is made with high quality, has a user-friendly interface and a branded design, then it can be more reliable, despite the fact that the welcome bonus may not be very impressive.

Available Games - There are many different variations of online casino games. It can be not only video slots, but also jackpots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, dice and much more. The best bitcoin casino should offer its players a complete set of the most popular games.

Customer Service - Not all casinos have fast and reliable customer support. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a live chat, which is available 24/7. It is imperative that the best bitcoin casinos give priority to serving their players well.

Deposit Bonuses - All Bitcoin casino sites offer a deposit bonus. Bonuses can reach incredible amounts of up to 9 bitcoins for your first deposit! There are even no deposit bitcoin bonuses. It is very pleasant to get a huge deposit bonus or free spins for registration. But don't forget about the casino's reputation. You should only choose a Bitcoin casino with a good user rating and real reviews.

Payment Methods - The best Bitcoin casinos accept a large number of cryptocurrencies as their payment method. In addition to payment methods with cryptocurrencies, you may often have access to other payment solutions, for example, bank cards, Skrill, Neteller and other methods of depositing and withdrawing funds popular among players.

New Bitcoin Casinos

Every month on our website you will find a summary of new establishments that have come into being. We carefully analyze and check them, so you can be sure of the honesty and reliability of all new casinos presented on the site. You can play them without any fear: just register, fund your account and start winning!

Are new bitcoin casinos safe?

As we said, we carefully check all new establishments for fairness. It is in a bitcoin casino that you can not worry about the safety of your funds, since all wallets have a high level of protection. If we talk about the reliability of personal data, then everything is also at a high level. Moreover, cryptocurrency casinos allow their customers to play completely anonymously, that is, you do not have to provide any data about yourself, except for your email address. Agree, this is great! When playing at a bitcoin casino, you will never be asked to go through verification and send any documents for verification. Yes, some casinos with the ability to play anonymously limit the maximum withdrawal amounts, but the most popular casinos do not have such restrictions. You can find a list of such casinos on our website in the Bitcoin Casinos section.

Bitcoin Games

As mentioned earlier, many casinos allow their customers to play immediately for cryptocurrencies, that is, without converting to fiat. This is very convenient, because you will always understand how much you won in cryptocurrency. In addition to classic slot machines, you can also enjoy special games such as 3D slots, Dice games. Of course, board lovers will be able to appreciate the cryptocurrency varieties of games such as blackjack, baccarat, sikbo, roulette, keno and so on. At any time you can play special games, one of which is Wheel of Fortune. All winnings you receive will immediately appear on your casino cryptocurrency account, after which you can withdraw these funds to your cryptocurrency wallet as quickly as possible and without limits.

Bitcoin Slots

Cryptocurrency-enabled slot machines are the most popular gambling entertainment among gamblers. The point is that they are very simple: all you need to do is place a bet and start the spin. As soon as the result of the game round appears on the screen, you can get a win, depending on the combination collected. Also in slots you can change the number of active pay lines and bets on them, which allows you to achieve a wide range of bets. Thanks to this, you can play both at very low rates, for example, at the equivalent of one cent, or play for high stakes, making bets in the amount of thousands of dollars per spin.

The variety of slot machines can really shock a new player, because today cryptocurrency casinos offer their customers tens of thousands of all kinds of slot machine variations dedicated to different genres and having different game mechanics.

Bitcoin slots with progressive jackpots

If you've ever wanted to be able to win a huge amount at a small bet, then you should pay attention to slot machines with progressive jackpots. Absolutely any player can get such large prizes, even if he plays at the minimum bet. The prizes themselves are formed from the bets of the players: a small part of each bet automatically goes to the general accumulation fund, which is drawn among the players. In order not to be unfounded about the large jackpots, at the moment the main prize in the Mega Moolah slot machine is an incredible 110 bitcoins, and the amount of the prize is growing regularly!

Bonus games in bitcoin slots

Bonus modes in slot machines are a great opportunity to win valuable prizes. Before starting a game in an unknown slot, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules. There you will find out what exactly is needed to activate the bonus mode. As a rule, for this you need to collect several special symbols, or make a certain number of spins. In the bonus game you will always have a chance to win big, which is why the players like bonuses so much.

Negative aspects of playing bitcoin slots

Despite its apparent simplicity, playing slots has its own drawbacks. Of course, all long-distance casino games will be unprofitable for the player, but at the same time, there is always a chance for a big win. Let's talk about the disadvantages of slot machines when playing for cryptocurrencies in more detail.

You don't need any skill

This will not be a disadvantage for all players. In online slots, you just need to place a bet and start a spin, after which the presence or absence of a prize will be determined by a random number generator. At the same time, nothing depends on you, and even if you are a genius who knows everything about gambling, you will not be able to influence the outcome.

Blackjack is the opposite example of the need for skill in the game. Here you make your own decisions within the game round, and often it is it that decides the outcome of the game in the distribution. For example, you can take a risk and draw out an unnecessary card, guaranteed to lose the bet, or, on the contrary, get the card necessary to collect a winning combination.

Some slot machines with cryptocurrency support have very low RTP

Many players do not fully understand what RTP is. RTP is the percentage of players' bets returned as winnings. For example, if the game has an indicator of 90%, then it is this part of all bets that will be returned to the players in the form of winnings. In fact, the higher the RTP, the more profitable the game, because if this indicator were equal to 100%, then the casino would not receive any profit from such a game.

In bitcoin casinos, some games have a very low return on funds, which makes them extremely unprofitable for the player, and extremely profitable for the establishment. That is why we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the slot before starting the game.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Playing Bitcoin Casinos

This type of gambling establishment has undeniable advantages over conventional casinos. The fact is that in a bitcoin casino you can play for cryptocurrencies, and you can do it at absolutely any rate, from the minimum to rates equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars. Also, bitcoin casinos are distinguished by a high level of reliability, since the used blockchain technology is as safe as possible. When playing in such an institution, you can quickly make any transactions with your account, be it deposits or withdrawals. With low commissions, sometimes you won't even notice their presence. In a casino with cryptocurrency support, you can play anonymously, and at the same time, this factor will not affect the game in any way. The player also has all the necessary tools to conduct responsible gambling, and the presence of all the necessary licenses and certificates at the casino guarantees the honesty of the entertainment presented on the site.

This must be decided by the player himself. The advantages of slot machines include simple rules, a wide range of bets, a huge variety of machines, the possibility of large wins at low rates, and so on. Either way, slots are a risk like any other gambling game. In the long run, you will always be the loser, as this is laid down by the mathematical model of any game. At the same time, you don't need any knowledge to play, which will be a plus for beginners. If you want to somehow influence the gameplay, then you won't be able to do this in slots. Simply put, slot machines are great entertainment for those players who want to enjoy fast play with the possibility of big wins.

In fact, this is a rather difficult question. The fact is that this kind of gambling entertainment is not in great demand among gamblers. For example, when compared with table live games, they are extremely popular, while live slots can be found only in a small number of establishments. At the same time, if you find such a casino, then perhaps it supports the game for cryptocurrencies, so why not give it a try?

Bitcoin casinos are completely safe as the cryptocurrencies themselves are regulated by market relations. Here, a situation is impossible where the currency would be banned by the regulatory authorities of a certain country, since all digital assets are decentralized. No regulatory authorities can influence bitcoin casinos.

At the same time, some establishments work closely with licensing organizations, especially if the casino also accepts fiat currencies. In this case, it is obliged to account for the origin of the funds, thereby requiring the same from the players. In such a casino, you will not be able to play anonymously, but you will always be sure of the honesty of all the games presented, which have passed the mandatory verification and certification procedures.

Playing at bitcoin casinos is safe, but there are still risks. They concern the players themselves who do not follow the rules of responsible gambling. To help them, establishments create special tools to restrict the game, which will help customers receive only positive emotions from the game. For the most part, the ignorance of the rules of responsible gambling is due to the attitude of casino customers to the game as to earnings. This is not true. Gambling is just entertainment, not a way to make money. The mathematical model of any game implies long-range losses for the player, no matter how lucky he is.

There are two markets in total, namely white and gray. There are several regulators in the white market that make sure the casinos comply with all the rules. These are the MGA in Malta, the UKGC in the UK, as well as the regulatory authorities in Curacao, the Isle of Man and so on. These organizations issue their own licenses, under which activities are carried out, both for classic online casinos and institutions that support cryptocurrencies.

If we talk about the gray market, then everything is a little more complicated here. In some jurisdictions, cryptocurrencies are prohibited, but there are no relevant laws. The same applies to the bitcoin casinos themselves, so the game in such countries is carried out at your own peril and risk. Before starting the game, be sure to make sure that cryptocurrencies and online casinos are allowed in your country.

There is no fundamental difference between them, since they all use similar site templates, software, as well as the games themselves supplied by providers. At the same time, there are still some differences, let's consider them. First, cryptocurrency casinos support some games that cannot be found in a regular casino. Obviously, this is gambling, in which bets are made in cryptocurrencies. In addition, some bitcoin casinos allow you to bet on e-sports in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, while in ordinary casinos this is not possible.

Secondly, the differences can be found at the casino box office. If you play in a classic gambling establishment, then you can replenish your account using electronic wallets and bank cards in fiat currencies. If you play in a cryptocurrency casino, then you can make a deposit and withdraw funds to special wallets.

Thirdly, in cryptocurrency casinos, the support service will always be able to help you in matters related to financial transactions in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. If you contact the support service of an ordinary casino with a similar question, then problems may arise with questions regarding bitcoins and other digital currencies. This is due to the fact that many establishments do not have enough experience with digital gold.

Fourth, the bonus programs of these casinos are different. In a bitcoin casino, you can get more generous bonuses, since the casino saves a lot on commissions, so it can use the surplus funds to spend on improving the bonus program. At the same time, in such a casino you will not be able to receive bonus funds in fiat.

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